Age-Friendly Giants

Grand Individuals Aging with Neighbours in Thunder Bay (GIANTs)

We’re proud to be GIANTs! We believe that Thunder Bay is a good place to grow up and grow old. We share ideas about comfortably and safely aging in our homes. We want to be good neighbours. We host gatherings to talk and connect. We think that aging can be more enjoyable if you have folks to share the journey with. Check out this website to view our stories, read our blog, and print our resources. All seniors are Age-Friendly GIANTs to us!


Local Supports for Aging in Thunder Bay Recommended by Seniors for Seniors

Did you or a friend miss the GIANTs Castle on October 2, 2019? Check out the images below that contain the descriptions and contact information for local businesses as well as governmental and non-governmental services that were there! Have a look, some of these resources may help you build your Team of 8!
Click on the images below to view them larger, download, and even print them!

Centenarian GIANT shares her tips!

Did you know that GIANT Sis Angus is 100? Recently, she was interviewed by Cathy Alex from CBC news and she mentioned that her keys to aging so well are to “hug, smile, walk, and talk!”Read the article and listen to the interview here!